VERVvE One LED Fixture
VERVvE One LED Fixture
VERVvE One LED Fixture
VERVvE One LED Fixture
VERVvE One LED Fixture
VERVvE One LED Fixture

VERVvE One LED Fixture

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Giesemann VERVvE ONE LED Light System

Giesemann are on of the most respected in the aquarium lighting industry and the VERVvE LED lighting module provides unmatched performance with almost unlimited setting options, making this one of the best full spectrum lighting systems on the market.

The VERVvE LED is like no other, with cutting edge LEDs of only 180 watts, the carefully selected balance of LEDs are presented in 2 LED clusters and leads to outstanding performance and brilliance which some of the other LED systems on the market are not able to achieve.  An almost perfect illumination of spaces between 50 to 80cm in width and 50 to 60 cm in breadth can be achieved through the use of the VERVvE starkly concentrated lenses.  The high gloss reflectors guarantee optimal color mixing and reflect light back into the aquarium. This means almost no light is lost and 100% of the light output reaches into the aquarium. 

Ultra sleek and modern appearance, the VerVe from Giesemann features extremely silent, built in fans for a passive cooling system and temperature control.  Easy to clean with its hardened glass splash cover and salt water resistant aluminium powder coating. 

With built in Computer with display and jogdial.  The Giesmann VERVvE are available with built in Bluetooth - the Giesemann 'VERVvE PLUS'.  To add more Giesmann lighting with Bluetooth, simply add more 'VERVvE ONE' systems to your existing 'VERVvE PLUS.'

Complete with external adapter with safe 24 voltage supply.

Please note for Bluetooth enabled please either choose the Giesemann VERVvE 'PLUS' version OR add this VERVvE 'ONE' to an existing 'PLUS'

Information for customers with the Giesemann VERVvE Plus system:-

You can add multiple VERVvE 'ONE' Systems to your existing 'PLUS' system to run from Bluetooth

Free downloadable software runs your lighting WITHOUT the need for any internet connection (Providing your device has Bluetooth)

Run from your mobile, tablet or computer

Simulate the course of a day or various weather scenarios

6 controllable colour channels with up to 864 individual programming points

Sunrise and Sunsets with fascinating cloud patterns

Software downloadable from here :

At a Glance:-

Dimension : L 36.5 x W 25 x H 3.7 cm

Illuminates : 50 to 80 cm in width and 50 to 60 cm in breadth

Flexible Mounting Options available for all VERVvE lighting systems

Full Spectrum Output with 54 Optimized CREE LEDs + 2 SemiLEDs UV

Six-channel independent control of colour spectrum and intensity

864 programmable set points

Custom loss-free reflectors (fully mirrored) with glass splash-shield

Beautiful aluminium/magnesium alloy frame

Available in your choice of finish – Iridium Black or Polar White.

Temperature management system with silent fan

On-board controller with multiple pre-programmed light transitions, rolling clouds, storm effects and real time lunar cycle settings.

Built-in wireless connectivity and communication with other VERVvE fixtures

Wireless communication via Bluetooth*

Control via iOS/MAC OS/Android

Various mounting and suspension options available

*Plus contains Bluetooth. One is used to slave from Plus (i.e. 1 VERVvE Plus is needed per system, then Ones after that).


Deep Blue: 8 x CREE XP-E2 480 nm

Blue: 10 x CREE XP-E2 465 nm

Deep Red: 2 x CREE XP-E2 625 nm

Cool White: 2 x CREE XT-E 6500K

UV: 2 x SemiLED 390-400 nm

Cool White: 12 x CREE XB-D (Quad-LED) 6500K

Royal: 20 x CREE XB-D (Quad-LED) 455 nm


Great styling and even greater performance. German built to a high specification.

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